TechnoSwitch CRM is a software designed to build and strengthen your relationship with your current and potential customers.
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What is a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a piece of technology that helps you administer your interactions with your existing and potential customers and other stakeholders. TechnoSwitch CRM is designed to manage leads and increase conversions. This Lead Management software facilitates to increase the productivity and efficiency of individuals, teams and organizations at large.

Why CRM?

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  • Develop Customer relations to increase sales. 
  • Improve brand image with regular customer service
  • Repeat orders and recommendations due to good customer service
  • Statistical approach for target setting
  • Supervision of sales team
  • Performance appraisal with analytical tools
  • Identifying and troubleshooting problems

Web Application

TechnoSwitch CRM is available as a Web application making your data accessible to you anytime, anywhere, with active internet.

Mobile Application

Android and IOS App of TechnoSwitchCRM has some additional features that makes the analysis more effective

Offline Desktop Application

The offline TechnoSwitch CRM application is perfect for those who want to confine their data to specific devices.

Analysis and Reporting

Lead Management

Data Security

Key Features


View all your daily task and reminders on the dashboard

Customer Profile

All details of the customers will be maintained at one place

Follow ups

Keep a track of all your follow ups and missed follow ups


Use filters to break down the data and fetch what you need


Get timely reminders of tasks and intimation of deadlines


Written record of your customer interactions and review

Meeting Reminders

Get timely reminders of your meetings and maintain minutes of the same

Collection Reminders

Get timely payment collection reminders of all deals

Analysis and Reporting with TechnoSwitch CRM

TechnoSwitch CRM is a perfect tool to break down the data into meaningful sets that is easy to analyse. Analysis is a basis for taking most of the important business decisions. It helps you track your progress and plan for future.


Track the performance of the organization so as to plan the future in a much systematic way with an analytical approach


Track the performance of all the teams and maintain a record of their progress over time. It will also help in a statistical approach to target setting


Track individual performance of your sales team to analyze the best and the least impressive strategy and evaluate individual performance

Data Security

We, at TechnoSwitch, understand the value of data. We ensure that the data of our customers is safe. We practice hierarchy model to facilitate the security of your data within your organization to avoid malpractices.
  • Encrypted data - The data of the organization will be end to end encrypted.
  • Limited Access - User accounts has limited access only to their leads and performance.
  • Separate Account Type - Different types of accounts e.g user, admin, super admin.
  • Permission for Actions - Certain actions require permission from the admin or super admin.
https://technoswitch.in/Lead Management system (CRM) for huge data in India - Technoswitch

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Frequently Asked Questions

Technoswitch offers a basic package of 4 user accounts and 1 admin account. But you may use as many or as less as you want. There is no maximum limit for number of admin or user accounts.
Yes, TechnoSwitch offers a free CRM trial for 30 days. Please contact us for the free CRM trial.
Both, we sell as well as have a subscription plan for CRM.
Yes, we can help you customize TechnoSwitch CRM to suit your industry, organisation and your requirements.
Yes, we can help you customize your TechnoSwitch CRM in subscription and purchase of the CRM software.
Yes, you can see all the Payment collection reminders on the Dashboard.
Yes, TechnoSwitch has end to end encryption and thus your data is safe.
Yes, intimate us when you wish to change the number of users and we will get it done but not below the minimum user limit of 4+1
About Technoswitch

TechnoSwitch is a Navi Mumbai based company with its expertise in Website designing and development, software development, CRM, android and IOS mobile applications.