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Web Applications to Scale and Mange your business

Web Application or Softwares have a huge potential to grow your business by making its management easier. Businesses have their attention on so many places that it is difficult to focus on one. Custom web applications or custom software assists you to manage your data and provide meaningful statistics that will help you in the analysis process. It also helps you to keep a track of the performance of the organization’s functions. These web applications are custom designed to cater to your requirements.

Key Features

Highly Customizable

every organization is different, customize a software to meet your needs

Clean design

Easy to navigate, easy to use software


Statistical data to help you in data analysis

Data Security

End to end encrypted data

Secure Hosting

Hosting of the web app will be on secure server

Access from Anywhere

You can access the web app from any device using the internet

Why do Businesses need Softwares

Technoswitch designs softwares tailored to your needs. Web-Applications or softwares can be made for any scale of business. It is becoming popular with small businesses day by day.
  • Interaction with customers
    • Business resource management
      • Data Management
        • Data Analysis
https://technoswitch.in/customized web application development in india - technoswitch
https://technoswitch.in/Customized software development in India - technoswitch

How can I manage my business better with ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning Softwares is a perfect solution for companies who wish to grow their business by making optimal use of their resources.

  • Employee management
  • Cash flow management
  • Customer management
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Management
  • Supply chain management

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Frequently Asked Questions

The time taken to develop a web application depends on factors like volume of data, type of data and it's presentation, the platform chosen, functionality etc. To know about the estimated timeline of your project, kindly send us your requirements and we will get back to you shortly.
Yes, we can help you create a mobile application linked to your web application
Yes, you can get more details about our e-commerce website from our E-commerce page or you can contact us directly.
About Technoswitch

TechnoSwitch is a Navi Mumbai based company with its expertise in Website designing and development, software development, CRM, android and IOS mobile applications.