We at Technoswitch, maintain your website and keep it up to date and relevant
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Website Maintenance to keep your website updated and functional.

We, at Technoswitch, help you to maintain your website by checking your website regularly and keeping it updated. Like any other piece of technology, website also needs to be maintained. Keeping a website updated and relevant helps solve the purpose of creating a website in the first place. There is so much competition out there that you need to make sure that your customers get great value from visiting your website. Keeping the content updated is one thing but keeping up with the technology with which the website is built is also equally important. Our low cost website maintenance service ensures that all the issues are resolved and your website is fully updated and functional.

Key Features

Timely update of code

Security updates

Website speed optimization

Content update

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can try, we first need to examine your website and identify the issues causing slow loading speed and our experts will resolve them one by one.
About Technoswitch

TechnoSwitch is a Navi Mumbai based company with its expertise in Website designing and development, software development, CRM, android and IOS mobile applications.